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  • Aug. 10th, 2008 at 2:47 PM
mc ^@
i've moved accounts :) 

my new lj is feelitonmylips

you guys can all un-add me here if you want. 


friends only ♥

  • May. 4th, 2008 at 11:40 PM
mc &*

cadence ivory ♥


i'll add pretty much anyone with the same interests.
i'm really friendly and loads of fun. :] 

love, cadence. 

[ty tarnshdsuprstar for the banner <33]









mc &amp;*

...'cause cadence got a livejournal!! 

yeah, so, this is my second attempt at having an lj. my first attempt was thwarted because i sort of had no idea what was going on, and tbh, i guess i just got lazy. anyhoo, i've decided to try again, and hopefully i'll be more successful this time around. it will take me quite a while to get used to this, though. maybe i'm retarded, but this site seems sort of confusing. 

anyways! i'm wayyy too lazy to do anything properly right now, so i'm just going to tell you all a bit about myself. 

i'm cadence (middle name ivory). i'm fifteen years old, and i reside in the states. i'm a singer, a dancer and an actress. i'm generally a very outgoing and spontaneous person, and i'm told i'm a lot of fun and very easygoing. if you get to know me, you can tell me if that's true. :) i'm also very friendly, so if you want to friend me here on lj, don't hesitate. i make friends easily, whether it's online or in person or whatever. 

i love performing, shopping and writing fanfiction. i do have a fanfiction account. i'm 'Vrai Amour' on ff if you'd like to look me up and check out my stories. i take performing very srsly. i'm currently taking singing lessons and i'll be taking dance lessons again (FA SHO!), effective at the end of this month. i'm in choir and drama at school, and i'm auditioning for the school dance troupe for next year.

i adore the jonas brothers (JOE JONAS, GRILL MY CHEESE) and the disney channel in general. i'm ridiculously excited for camp rock. and i mean RIDICULOUSLY. my bff olivia says i should be shot. ;) 

my reasons for getting a livejournal? well, i like to share/jot down my thoughts...i'm not very good at keeping things to myself. for now my journal is public as i get to know the site and all that jazz, but honestly, i'm sort of doing this for myself. they say writing is cleansing for the soul...

uhm, i think. they do say that, right? don't they?? 

lie to me if you must. 

anyhoo, i'm way too lazy to write anymore right now, but yeah. you get the point. some of my bffs will also be writing in this, probably.

much love!


p.s. friend me, you guys, i'm lonely.


mc &amp;*
i remember when we kissed ♥

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